It’s about preparing your children for wealth, not preparing your wealth for your children

Our passion is helping clients increase the use, enjoyment, and impact of generational family wealth. For the last forty years we have shared this passion with many of the leading families and family-owned businesses across the country.

Planning in America is broken as evidenced by the high failure rates of family business and wealth transfers. Only 10% of failures are attributable to lack of planning. 90% of failures result from future generations being unprepared to receive the family wealth and a lack of communication and trust among family members.

A plan which overlooks non-financial issues and family dynamics compromises a successful outcome.

Building wealth, and successfully transferring that wealth, require different skillsets. Navitas answers the question, “how can we be confident that our business and wealth will transfer successfully in terms of both family and financial outcomes?”

The Navitas Family Wealth Experience solves three common challenges:

Absence of Clarity

Despite having a plan in place, a family and its advisors often do not have clear goals for personal, family, business, and legacy wealth. Family principles and values are the foundation of a lasting plan and provide clarity around the goals within.

When clarity around goals is missing, outcomes are left to chance rather than choice.

Increased Complexity

Continued success leads to increased complexity. These challenges can become overwhelming and ultimately stall progress. A comprehensive plan empowers decisive decisions and direction.

Lack of Alignment

Alignment around personal, financial, business, and legacy goals provides each unique member of your family with the conviction and security they need to confidently make decisions and leave a lasting impact.

To fully support your family, your advisors must also be aligned with these goals. Your tax attorney, financial advisor, CPA or any other advisor should be able to clearly answer the question “what are the three most important goals for you and your family.” Advisors unable to answer this question will provide compromised advice.

As you steward your business and family wealth, Navitas will partner with you to plan for its continued growth, preservation, and preparation for the next generation of leaders.


What are the three most important goals for you and your family?

What are the three most important goals for you and your family?