After partnering together to serve multiple clients, Navitas Wealth Advisors is thrilled to announce a formal merger with Harold D. Cooley II, RFC, of Investment Planning and Management, a Raleigh North Carolina financial planning and investment firm. Jason Hester, Managing Partner, and CEO comments, “Harold truly understands how we operate and the value we bring to the families we serve. After working closely with Harold, we believe he will bring a high standard of professionalism to the team and add tremendous value through his unique perspectives and advice.”

Harold started his career in the financial services industry with Smith Barney in 1982 at the Pennsylvania Avenue office in Washington, DC. He went straight from graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill to obtaining securities training in Washington DC and then New York.  His career took its true course when he witnessed the loss of significant family wealth due to the lack of optimal business, financial, tax and estate planning, coupled with poorly advised and executed decisions. These events fueled his desire to assist families and business owners to not make the same mistakes his family made and to preserve family wealth throughout generations.  Harold explains, “We are very pleased to join forces with Jason and the Navitas team.  Working with their team has already been a wonderful experience and I look forward to what we can achieve together as we combine our unique skill sets.”

This merger will allow Navitas Wealth Advisors to expand their geographic presence to the East Coast and provide an added layer of perspective to serve a broader range of families and business owners.  Harold and his team, Kim Cooley and Kelley Dillon will remain in the Raleigh, North Carolina office, with contact information as follows:

Harold D. Cooley, II, RFC, Managing Partner
[email protected]

Kim Cooley, Director, Administration, and Operations
[email protected]

Kelley Dillon, Coordinator, Client Services
[email protected]

Phone: (919) 856-1615

3101 Industrial Drive, Suite 110
Raleigh, NC 27309

Navitas is a part of a unique alliance of independent advisors that represent north of $1.7B of assets.  Working in close partnership with Csenge Advisory Group, a well-established OSJ and RIA based out of Clearwater, Florida, the firms partner on pricing, investment strategies and models to offer clients an un-biased and product agnostic investment expertise. The advisory team will also have access to Lion Street, a producer-owned group who operates as the “firm behind the firm” to provide life insurance support and strategy to the firm owners.

Navitas Wealth Advisors is a boutique wealth advisory firm who partner with families and business owners in creating sustainable plans that enhances the use, enjoyment and impact of their family wealth.  The firm has a flagship office in Ridgeland, Mississippi, but also operates out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Los Angeles, California and Raleigh, North Carolina.

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