Our Family Wealth focus keeps you on the right path

Clarity — Navitas helps you keep your mission clear. When clients are clear, it leads to taking decisive action, as feelings of certainty eliminate the fear of the unknown. Our process makes it easy for you to find clarity and purpose.

Complexity — Planning your Family Wealth is complex, and the overabundance of choices makes the process seem even more daunting. We have developed a process designed specifically to make what is complex feel very simple to you. Clients often say that our process allows them to enjoy their wealth and eliminates worry and confusion.

Alignment — Defining Family Wealth and understanding your desired outcome lives at the heart of the plan we create for you. We believe that aligning our plan to your personal goals and interests matters. When our goals are clear and aligned, it makes it easy for all involved to be on the same page and provides a feeling of certainty and peace of mind.

Sustainability — In our experience, many families have plans that focus solely on wealth creation which can compromise their ability to sustain success over multiple generations. Research shows when it comes to managing family wealth, how it is managed matters. We reverse the focus; preparing your children for the wealth will always trump preparing your wealth for your children.

We focus on four areas of your wealth

Personal Wealth — Personal Wealth represents the inter-personal relationships, shared values, and effective communication systems of your entire family.

Business Wealth — Business Wealth describes the operating entities owned and managed by your family, serving as the economic engine that creates and sustains your financial wealth.

Financial Wealth — Financial Wealth is the total sum of all the assets held by your family on both business and personal balance sheets. This one area of wealth is often what people think of when they consider financial planning.

Legacy Wealth — Legacy Wealth is the combined goodwill of the family that has been created by a shared and sustainable vision for giving and making an impact on the world around you with the wealth and influence of your overall Family Wealth.