Fereshteh Fattaahi

Director of Business Development

Fereshteh Fattaahi is a knowledge seeker, efficiency identifier, and idea implementor.  She has found her passion in connecting the dots between complex topics and turning them into simple to understand concepts.

Fereshteh joined Navitas in January 2019 with a focus on helping clients navigate the decisions of life and wealth responsibly across multiple generations. She brings a background in corporate finance for several major entertainment studios in Los Angeles, financial service industry experience from working in the back office of a boutique wealth advisory firm, and an entrepreneurial spirit from starting her own firm to assist independent insurance and financial professionals implement marketing initiatives.  

Prior to joining the team, Fereshteh gained industry experience from working with a local wealth advisory firm where she set systems and processes in place and oversaw new case implementation.  During this time, she was able to learn about the importance of collaboration and communication between the multiple professional advisors who may be involved in assembling a complex financial plan.  While observing this coordination happen between different key players, she also noticed that this was allowing for better outcomes for the client. 

For the past several years, Fereshteh worked on a consulting basis with different wealth advisors across the country on content-based marketing projects.  These projects would cover items such as ghostwriting articles for major publications including Forbes, developing newsletters and whitepaper collateral, and optimizing LinkedIn profiles to allow for a more professional appearance and distribution strategy to get in front of ideal audiences.

In her current role, Fereshteh works closely with Jason Hester, President, to navigate the firm’s strategic marketing and public relations initiatives. She plays a key role in ensuring that all resources and opportunities are fully leveraged by being the eyes on the playing field and connecting the dots between current and future consumer needs and offerings available.  In addition to wearing the hat of a key relationship manager, Fereshteh also assists with creating and distributing proactive, relevant and resourceful content for both professional advisors and clients.

Fereshteh joined Navitas Wealth Advisors, Inc. to help create better family and financial outcomes for their clients related to family wealth creation and sustainability. Combining her structured corporate experience with a passion for helping current and future generations understand how wealth is accumulated and preserved, Fereshteh works closely with the internal Navitas team, other advisors, and their clients to bridge the gap between opportunities available and potential roadblocks for achieving their desired outcomes.


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