George Hester

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

George Hester has grown to become a champion for families. His rural upbringing during the turbulent times of the 1960’s in the deep south of the United States planted deep in his heart the desire to build a healthy family for himself and the blessing of accomplishing that has inspired him to serve others in achieving the same for themselves. He is often quoted as saying, “As goes the family, so goes the country.”

George started out in the financial services industry in 1972 and thus began his search for the meaning of what it meant to be wealthy. Serving individual families led to serving family-owned businesses. As George’s practice grew, he became intrigued by wealth and business transfer issues that he saw as having a negative impact on family-owned businesses. This intrigue led him on a journey of seeking to answer the questions, what does it mean to be wealthy and how does one perpetuate wealth across the generations of a family? The answers he would find to those questions would forever change his definition of wealth and become the backbone of the business he would start.

Navitas was formed in 2001 with the mission of providing families with a dynamic process that enhances the use, enjoyment, and impact of Family Wealth. George learned that by helping families define their wealth differently, chart goals for each aspect of its wealth, and execute on well-defined plans of action to accomplish their desired outcomes are the keys to leaving an enduring legacy of significance.

For over 40 years, George has provided counsel to ultra-high-net-worth families across the country on matters related to estate, wealth transfer, and business succession planning.

George is a thorough planner, a natural mentor, and a tireless encourager. He pours his heart and soul into impacting the United States, one family at a time. In over 40 years of serving families in this manner, George has coached many families through their transitions and enjoyed the success of seeing those families continue their Family Wealth to the second, third, and fourth generations.

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