Tawana Barnette

Coordinator, Client Services

As Client Services Coordinator, Tawana truly enjoys interacting with clients and supporting the Navitas team in daily projects across all four lines of business: wealth planning, investments, estate and succession planning, and risk management. The common thread woven throughout her career is that of being a lifelong student; she is passionate about the learning process and teaching others. Tawana thrives on personal interaction, service and making a difference in the lives of others. Whether she is engaging clients in conversations about their investment portfolio, listening to a family story or welcoming guests into the office, she brings warmth and an up-beat attitude to the Navitas team.

Tawana graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Education. Although she didn’t reach the financial services industry in a traditional manner, she credits her early career as a teacher with helping her facilitate conversations that better educate and inform clients. Tawana’s career in the industry began in 2003 when she worked for a major supplemental insurance company. With a desire to expand her knowledge, she went to work for MetLife and later Guardian in client services and advisor support. During this time, she obtained a securities license so that she could better understand client’s goals and how to achieve those objectives through financial products.

Following the market downturn, Tawana shifted gears to tap into her creative expertise by providing interior design and artistic painting services to area builders and families on a freelance basis. From there, she went on to work for an interior design and home furnishings store in Jackson, Mississippi for 3 years before joining the Navitas team in October of 2019. Tawana feels her career has come full circle back to her roots in the financial services industry.

Outside the office, you will find Tawana indulging her passions for art, music, family and personal health. She enjoys painting and is an accomplished sketch artist and pianist. She is an enthusiastic cook and quite the foodie, which she balances by being an avid runner and practicing yoga. She is passionate about Pilates as well and holds her Pilates certification.

Tawana spends as much time as possible with her each four children. She has one son still at home and she is able to satisfy her travel bug by visiting the other three who have established roots in other locations, including North Carolina, Toronto, and Arkansas. She lives by the belief of Oscar Wilde’s quote, “travel improves the mind wonderfully and does away with all one’s prejudices” and she thrives on learning from new experiences, local cultures, and the people who make up the communities she visits. After raising her children as a single mother, Tawana firmly believes in the value that Navitas can bring to a family, allowing them to create better family and financial outcomes over multiple generations.