Chris Tipton, CFP®, CFS, ChFC
Managing Partner, Wealth Management

As Managing Partner for Navitas Wealth Advisors, Chris is passionate about working with people.  His career has been built around helping individuals, families and business owners to identify their financial and lifestyle goals and objectives during their lifetime and beyond.  Chris thrives on working with clients to gain clarity around what they are aiming to achieve, develop a tangible plan to move from point A to point B, and then monitor and measure the progress of getting there.

Growing up with roots in eastern Tennessee, Chris has been intrigued by the world of investments from the young age of 12.  His father instilled this concept in him by requiring him to save and invest $50 per month, and he would wake up every morning and check the newspaper to see how his mutual fund investments were performing.  He quickly picked up on the compounded value of saving and investing, market performance and following a clearly designed strategy, and this led him to want to help others in the same industry.  He later moved to Mississippi in junior high school and went on to play baseball throughout undergrad and graduate school.

Attending Mississippi College, Chris initially thought he would go down the road of public accounting, however, he was fortunate enough to land a position with a local highly regarded estate planning firm.  This firm was looking for a college student to mentor and bring into the business, which opened his eyes to a brand new career path. Chris later realized that he could not have been brought into this business in a better fashion.  His mentors allowed him to get in over his head and learn from them, and he credits this group of advisors for sparking his interest in the industry and providing him with a unique, hands-on opportunity that blends finance, proactive tax strategies, and relationship building. 

Established in 1997, Chris was an original founder of KTB Wealth Partners, a fee-based financial planning and money management firm.  Over the past 15 years, the company’s service offerings evolved from a heavily weighted focus on insurance and planning strategies over to investment driven work, primarily due to higher estate tax exemptions.  Fortunately, throughout this time, a synergistic relationship developed between KTB Wealth Partners and Navitas Wealth Advisors and the two firms would rely on the expertise of each other in serving clients, both locally and nationally.

As of October 1, 2019, Chris, his partner Bill, and their team have formally merged with Navitas Wealth Advisors.  Collaboratively, the team will expand on the opportunity to serve second and third generation family members of current and future clients.  This will allow individuals, families and privately held business owners to retain assets within the family and also to provide incentive for key personnel within the business.  Chris is a firm believer that by helping clients to navigate the decisions of life and wealth across multiple generations, this will lead them to them achieving better family and financial outcomes.