Steve Kinsley
Chief of Staff

As chief of staff, Steve provides strategic counsel and support to our executive team as well as overseeing day-to-day operations.  With over 40 years as a systems specialist in key leadership roles, Steve brings a wealth of knowledge to the Navitas team. His expertise in creating, establishing, and streamlining effective processes and procedures and the implementation of those is crucial to our success. 

Steve graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in computer science.  His career path began in IT and the software industry.  He has worked with start-ups and established companies, served on pastoral staffs and as a missionary to South Africa. 

Steve‚Äôs career path has led him around the world and back yet all along the way woven into the fabric of his career has been strong leadership with effective, proven systems design and company management. 

Steve has four children, two daughters in law, a son-in law, and five grandchildren. Steve lost his wife of 37 years to cancer in 2015. His passions are mentoring and life coaching.  He also sits on the Board of We Will Go Ministries, serving downtown Jackson.  Steve lives in Madison with his son Alfie.