William A. Kientz, III CFP®, CFS, ChFC

As a Principal of Navitas Wealth Advisors, Bill believes in the value of authentic relationships and personal service across all aspects of the financial planning process. He prides himself in learning the stories and life events behind each and every one of the individuals, families and businesses with whom he has worked for over four decades. This has led to trusting relationships in which Bill takes pride and satisfaction in the genuine friendships that have evolved from identifying opportunities and solutions throughout each stage of life. 

Bill has always enjoyed working with people, and this led him to a career with Connecticut General Corporation, during which he went through an intense training program focused on estate planning and succession planning. The company operated with two main branches, an agency division and a brokerage division. Bill was a member of the brokerage operation and worked directly with independent property and casualty brokers to service individuals, families and business owners who required estate planning, fringe benefit plans and business continuity plans. While the company had 110 representatives nationwide, the Jackson, Mississippi office, of which Bill was a part, had the smallest team but generated the most revenue activity for the company in the entire country.

After spending over fifteen years with that company, Bill made the decision to establish his own company. In 1991, Bill formed a fee-based firm and partnered with CPAs with whom he had previously built relationships. This firm worked closely to collect and analyze client financial and legal documents, and then collaborated with the clients’ advisors to implement appropriate solutions to their goals and objectives.

In 1997, Bill decided to extend his practice and was an original founder of KTB Wealth Partners, a fee-based financial planning and money management firm. While the firm’s services originally began with a heavy focus on estate and business planning, the company evolved to more investment driven work as the estate tax exemption increased and limited the need for many individuals seeking estate planning. Throughout the years, Bill and his partners have built a strategic and synergistic relationship with Navitas Wealth Advisors to collaborate and use the expertise of each other’s firms. As a natural next step, the two groups merged on November 1, 2019.

Collectively, the team will expand their abilities to not only serve current clients, but also to serve future generations of those individuals, families and business owners, both locally and nationally.

Outside the office, Bill enjoys spending time with his wife, Jan, to whom he has been married for over 50 years. They have one daughter, an elementary school teacher who is very passionate about her work with children. They also have a teenage grandson. In his free time, Bill enjoys reading novels and short stories, with a special interest in mysteries. He enjoys studying wines, and he is always open to drinking a good glass of wine.