We view wealth differently.

We believe that you can increase the use, enjoyment and impact of your family’s wealth across multiple generations.

Life and wealth goals should be valued equally along the planning process. When the elements of your life and wealth are intentionally combined, that creates what Navitas calls Family Wealth.

Family Wealth has four components; each specific area requires a discussion and plan to maximize the results and work together to create suitable family and financial outcomes.

Our goal is to help you navigate the journey to achieve true Family Wealth.

In our opinion, traditional planning no longer works. There is an old proverb that says “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.” That proverb has been shown to be statistically true with 65% of a family’s wealth being gone by the end of the second generation, and 90% by the third generation.*

That is scary. Adding to that is that most traditional planners only consider the financial component of family wealth leaving the other three areas to chance.

* “Why Most Families Lose Their Wealth by the Third Generation” – Tom Vorhees, JD. Wealth Counsel.

Non-financial concerns and family dynamics matter

Our experience has taught us that most wealth transfer plans fail because of non-financial reasons. At Navitas, we strive to prepare your children for wealth instead of simply planning how your wealth will flow to your children.

The high failure rate is, most often, due to a lack of communication and trust among family members and future generations not being prepared to receive the Family Wealth.

Our personal lives and financial lives intersect. That means when goals for life and wealth are considered together, you can increase the odds dramatically that your wealth will be sustainable.

Our approach combines non-financial matters and family dynamics emphasizing an increase in the sustainability, use and enjoyment of your Family Wealth for generations to come.