Why choose Navitas?

Navitas is built on serving your best interests. We look at your circumstances, needs and objectives and make sure you are on the path to building true Family Wealth.

There are several values that we hold close to heart as we go about that process:

Clarity — Having clarity makes for easier and better decisions. Good decisions are made by following a process or framework, which, in our case, has been developed over time to build successful outcomes. We are only as successful as our purpose is clear. In our experience, clarity of purpose has proven to be more important to success than any idea or singular strategy.

Authenticity — Simply put, being authentic means staying true to who you are, what you do, and who you serve. Navitas doesn’t just manage your wealth and create plans for financial resources. We develop relationships with people, and in those relationships, we are able to create and implement strategies that holistically serve you and your family.

Gratitude — In our experience, the most grateful individuals are also the ones who are thriving most, which seems have a type of snowball effect — the more grateful they are, the more good things come their way. At Navitas we practice gratitude for the opportunities we have to provide a lasting impact on Family Wealth for you and generations to come.

Our Process is built around simplicity

Discovery — It is important to first know where you are, to recognize the best path to reach your destination. That is the purpose of discovery. We begin the process by completing an in-depth assessment of every asset, liability, and legal document your family holds. We then spend a day with you to gain a deeper understanding of your concerns and desired outcomes. Afterward, we present our discovery analysis which outlines your present situation and compares it to your desired outcome. From this point, Navitas will present you with our observations and suggestions for improving your Family Wealth.

Planning — All great works begin with a clear blueprint and a capable team to turn a plan into reality. We assemble advisors from across the country and lead them in utilizing creative planning strategies, building a plan that considers all aspects of your Family Wealth.  The result is a Navitas Family Wealth Plan that illustrates the tools, techniques and strategies required to enhance the use, enjoyment, and impact of your Family Wealth.

Execution — A plan without a strategy for execution is nothing more than good intentions. Success, for Navitas, is not measured until our plans have been fully implemented. During the execution phase of our process, we serve our clients as the project manager, charged with implementing strategies in a timely fashion, making necessary adjustments, and keeping everyone on task until the results have been achieved. At the end of this process, we present our clients with an “As Implemented Family Plan” that gives a detailed illustration of the work that was completed and the plan that is in place.

Management — Life is not static. Stated simply, things change; therefore, your plan must continuously evolve to keep pace with the changing circumstances of your life. Our team at Navitas continues to meet with our clients on a regular basis. We update the “As Implemented Plan” annually, and help conduct family meetings as required to maintain alignment.