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Navitas Wealth Advisors provides affluent families, their advisory teams, and our team members with principles and methods that help achieve better family and financial outcomes. We recognize 5 major trends compromising the long-term, sustainable growth of most successful advisors. We are working to solve these with our model in order to provide our advisors with a healthy environment to grow as individuals and serve their clients with excellence.

Compromising trends

Culture misalignment

  1. Decisions within the firm are not made from shared beliefs, common thinking, or selfless behaviors.
  2. There is a constant drag of unpleasant conversations sucking the energy out of our work.
  3. No team approach. No collaboration. No shared vision. No sense of shared success. No sense of purpose or vision.


  1. Lack of confidence in the ability of the advisor’s business to sustain itself.
  2. Losing out on 20-30 years of commercial value with nothing to sell or show for their career.
  3. Absence of a scalable strategy to build, monetize and sustain the value of the firm.


  1. Practitioner dependency in building a business that is dependent on the advisor or a few key people.
  2. More money but less enjoyment in life. Growth and success result in increased pressure and loss of freedom and leisure time.


  1. Difficulty differentiating between advisory firms as the market becomes crowded.
  2. The service lines between firms are blurred (CPAs are now investment guys, bankers do it all), and clients have difficulty discerning the difference.
  3. Clients cannot tell the difference between solutions and advice.

Single source

  1. Unintended consequences of the “focus and specialize” approach
  2. Advisors only have one revenue stream
  3. Constraints on profitability, making it more difficult to retain profitable client relationships over long periods of time.

Our solution



But, the real problem we solve is eliminating a revenue chart for Advisors that looks like the following graphic, what we call the Capacity Mesa. This graphic represents a capacity limit on growth, income, value, fun, and freedom. We are seeking select advisors to join our mission so that we can collectively serve more families, serve more business owners, make a difference in our communities, and have more fun

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