Amber Rogers, CFP®
Director, Wealth Management

As Director of Wealth Planning at Navitas Wealth Advisors, Amber is passionate about serving clients by creating and implementing various types of wealth plans. In her current role, she manages all new and current financial plans and investment operations.  Amber is passionate about figuring out methods to communicate complex topics to clients in a clear, concise manner so that all parties involved have clarity.  She enjoys spending the time to get to know each and every client and providing on-going communication for planning throughout every stage of life.

Attending Mississippi State University, Amber started her college career focusing a future in the dental field and obtained her prerequisites for dental school.  However, during this period, her focus shifted, and she realized that earning her own money and managing finances piqued her interest, leading her to complete her degree in banking and finance. 

After graduating, she moved to Meridian, Mississippi to work for Wells Fargo Financial for a short stint before moving back home to work for Trustmark, a local bank that offers traditional banking, wealth management and risk management solutions.  As a Registered Sales Assistant, Amber provided comprehensive investments and operations support for an advisor with the company for seven years.  She also had exposure to their planning department, which sparked her interest because of the opportunity to investigate, think outside the box and apply her passion for math.  She decided that she wanted to expand on what was possible for her career and made the move to interview for a role to serve the next chapter of her life.

In 2011, Amber joined KTB Wealth Partners a local fee-based financial planning and money management firm established in 1997.  KTB Wealth Partners started off with a main focus on offering insurance and planning strategies, however, it shifted more towards investment driven work over the past 15 years.  In her role here, she focused on building holistic financial plans, constructing investment portfolios and servicing client portfolios.  A couple of years into working for the firm, she decided to study for and achieve the highly coveted CFP® designation in order to better serve clients.  Throughout this time, the firm developed a strategic relationship with Navitas Wealth Advisors and the two firms would rely on the expertise of each other in serving clients.  As the relationship progressed, the firms decided to merge, and as of October 1, 2019, Amber joined the Navitas Wealth Advisors team as Director of Wealth Planning.

Outside of the office, Amber enjoys making memories with her husband and three daughters.  She spends most of her time chauffeuring her eldest daughter around and chasing after her two younger daughters.  Amber’s husband is a golf pro and travels frequently, however, they enjoy spending time together as a family whenever possible.