Blair Enfield

Managing Partner

Throughout his career, Blair Enfield has been driven by a strong desire to serve his community and contribute to the greater good. As the managing partner at Navitas Wealth Advisors, he remains committed to this mission. Blair is enthusiastic about introducing clients to the company’s innovative framework, which encompasses the Four Cornerstones of Wealth: Financial, Entrepreneurial, Generational, and Influential. He derives great satisfaction from guiding clients through Navitas’ proven process that fosters a clear vision and strategies for creating a lasting legacy. Additionally, he will spearhead Navitas’ efforts to establish new strategic partnerships for the firm.

Blair Enfield’s professional journey began in healthcare technologies, but in 2003, he transitioned to the financial services industry. While at MassMutual’s Capstone Financial Partners, Blair distinguished himself as a top performer and played a key role in expanding the company’s resources for legal firms and the sports and entertainment sectors. With a family background in entrepreneurship, he co-founded MADE Global Brands in 2010, where he helped entrepreneurs monetize their patented products and intellectual property. Blair also collaborated with PFS Investments to forge strategic partnerships and empower business owners, professional athletes, and other entrepreneurs. In 2019, he combined his diverse experiences and financial acumen to establish his own advisory firm, which ultimately merged with Navitas in 2023.

Blair received his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He is active in his local church and enjoys golf, traveling, and spending time with his family.