Ginger Perry
Director, Office Management

As the Director of Office Management, Ginger oversees all daily office activities for the office.  Joining the firm in 2002, Ginger provides a strong support system for the Navitas Wealth Advisors executive team and staff and has unique adaptability skills to take on any role that needs to be filled.  She covers everything from a warm greeting to guests who walk in the door to the handling operations, event planning, executive administrative tasks, and marketing support roles.  She is essentially the ‘jill-of-all-trades’ that helps to keep the office moving forward.

Ginger was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, and landed her first major role as a sales associate with a major technology manufacturing company.  In this position, she quickly excelled in building authentic relationships and promoting the company’s exciting new product: a word processing machine.  She became an expert with the products they sold and educated clients so they felt confident with their purchase and understood how it would solve a problem they were facing. 

After spending four years with the company, Ginger moved on to become the Director of Marketing for a large oil and c-store marketing organization, where she spent over a decade of her career.  Ginger credits this role for showing her what it meant to make an impact both locally, in Shreveport, LA, and also with her national sales team, where she oversaw 850 stores across 14 different states.  Here, she was responsible for managing all marketing events and promotions for the C-store world and community.  As a natural “people-person,” this was fun for her because, not only did she have the opportunity to manage marketing events and projects, but she also provided incentives for internal teams to meet and exceed goals, leading to happier employees and higher net sales for the company.

Ginger moved on to her next career milestone as a mid-level manager for a south/southeast-based large construction firm, where she oversaw all types of contracting and construction projects.  Here, she was given the opportunity to work within a unique intersection of contractors, clients, and also managing team members.  She enjoyed the process of being a part of contracting projects from the inception of an idea, all the way through seeing the tangible project built.  This office management role provided her with many of the skills required for her next role as Director of Office Management with Navitas Wealth Advisors.

Ginger is very active in her community and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Greater Jackson Roaring Lambs Ministry, where she also coordinates and manages all local events.  She has served as a notary public for 17 years in Mississippi.  Outside of the office, you will find Ginger spending time with her beautiful daughter, her sweet pup (Violet), and her long-term boyfriend.  Family is incredibly important to her and she is very close with her mother and makes it a priority to speak with her every single day.  Ginger’s boyfriend works for a local radio station, so you will often find them attending concerts, festivals, or at marketing events to promote local businesses – they love to have a fun time and enjoy good music!