Greg Trump, CFP®
Director, Estate Planning

As Director of Estate Planning, Greg works closely with the Planning team to coordinate and create a plan once client goals and objectives are identified. He is an integral part of the Discovery and Planning phases of the Navitas process. Greg’s professional career has been built around working in partnership with well-known innovators in the estate and tax planning world. In addition, he has been a key part of developing proprietary software systems to improve outcomes of long term planning for successful individuals, families and businesses. Greg brings a wealth of expertise in Estate Planning and coordinates all existing and new documents to develop an estate plan, along with the client’s professional advisory team, in order to help Navitas clients achieve better family and financial outcomes.

As a graduate from Purdue University with a degree in finance and management, Greg originally entered college with the intention of pursuing engineering. His career turned into the perfect marriage of structure and innovation from the engineering world and the unique and intricate finance world of ultra-high net worth planning. His professional life has been built around serving ultra high net worth individuals and families by making sure all professional advisors on a team, along with the clients, are in alignment with understanding the client’s goals and objectives and creating a plan to achieve these goals.

Greg finds great joy in financial modeling and creating plans that each individual and professional advisor involved can understand with true clarity. Throughout his career, he has partnered with multiple national advisory firms to provide back-office services and gain insights into cutting edge estate and charitable planning strategies. Greg has also been involved in charitable planning programs which allowed him the opportunity to integrate philanthropy into the planning process to improve family dynamics. He has found true fulfillment in watching the real-world ramifications of the structures in these plans unfold, both in the current generation and for those who will inherit the wealth.

At the beginning of May 2020, Greg joined Navitas full time, even though he has been working with the team on a case-by-case basis for several years. In his role with Navitas, Greg begins with identifying an ‘as-is’ plan to show how an estate will flow if the client continues to move forward, without making any changes to their current plan. Clients who have identified their goals and objectives generally realize that the plan they have in place no longer accomplishes what was intended. This process is often a natural transition to move through the Planning and Implementation phases to update the plan to meet those key objectives.

Outside of the office, Greg enjoys spending time with his family – from running one of their four kids to soccer or basketball practice, Greg and his wife Julie never have a dull moment. The two met early on in their church and ended up connecting on a mission trip to a Navajo reservation in Arizona. They are active in their church and volunteer time and service with a program called Heart Change that provides support to inner-city mothers in downtown Indianapolis. Greg enjoys fishing, hiking and taking backpacking trips on the Appalachian Trail and National Parks.