Greg Trump

Director of Estate Planning

Throughout his career, Greg Trump has partnered with national advisory firms to provide insights and cutting-edge estate and charitable planning strategies to his clients, often partnering with Navitas Wealth Advisors on a case-by-case basis. In 2020, he joined the firm as director of estate planning. An integral part of the Discovery and Planning phases of the Navitas Wealth Experience, Greg assists clients with modeling the flow of their business plans and identifying opportunities to update plans to meet key objectives. He works with clients and their professional advisors to develop an estate plan designed to achieve better family and financial outcomes.

Greg’s experience also includes creating charitable planning programs that allow the integration of philanthropy into the process to improve family dynamics. He finds fulfillment watching the real-world ramifications of these plans unfold, both in the current generation and for those who will inherit the wealth.

Greg has often worked in partnership with well-known innovators in the estate and tax planning world. In addition, he has been a key part of developing proprietary software systems to improve outcomes of long-term planning for successful individuals, families, and businesses. His career has combined his interest in engineering innovations and the intricate finance world of wealth management.

Greg received his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Management from Purdue University. Outside the office, he spends time with his family. They are active in their church and volunteer with a program ministering to inner-city mothers in downtown Indianapolis. Greg enjoys fishing, hiking, and taking backpacking trips on the Appalachian Trail and in national parks.