Steven Rutledge
Insurance Services, Managing Partner

Steven manages relationships, both inside and outside of the Navitas office.  Not only does he oversee our internal team to make sure nothing gets ‘stuck’ but he is also our key relationships manager, both with clients and with external strategic partners.  Steven’s primary focus as Chief Operating Officer is to keep all internal systems running smoothly and in an orderly fashion, specifically around compliance and life insurance as it relates to the Navitas Family Wealth™ planning process. 

Steven originally joined Hester Advisory Group, the predecessor to Navitas Wealth Advisors, Inc. in 1994 after working in a relationship-based role for a car dealership during college.  After a couple of years working at the firm, his career path shifted, and he ventured out with a partner to create an environmentally savvy startup business to impact ecosystem sustainability for farmers in his local community.  He credits this experience as being one of the best learning experiences of his life, forcing him and his partner into developing proactive planning and decision-making skills, along with detail-oriented quality control.  They quickly understood how a lack of clarity and unsuspecting roadblocks could turn costly and drain energy. 

After five years of launching and running the startup business, Steven decided to go back to his roots and partner up with George Hester at Navitas Wealth Advisors.  He is an active participant in understanding problems that our clients are looking to solve and plays a critical role in implementing solutions during the Planning phase process, and also identifying opportunities during the Management phase of Navitas engagements.

Steven is often referred to as the eyes on the playing field and can be found traveling to participate in industry-related events.  He is proactive in furthering the education of the Navitas team on cutting-edge market strategies and understanding how to creatively approach the complex problems that many families and businesses face. 

By combining a career of long-term relationship building, along with a heartfelt and unique attention to detail, Steven works to make sure that all of the key information and key people are in alignment with decisions to move in a forward direction.  By doing this, he not only helps our internal team and strategic advisors to operate efficiently, but he also helps our clients to achieve better family and financial outcomes.